We’ve probably all had a day like this, I know I have! Thanks Tom!

The Mansionic Perspective


Talk about one of those days.

I’ll run through the morning with you:

A telephone call come in for me, regarding something or other. I forget what, exactly, as the person calling was announced as David Attenborough, famed natural history and wildlife TV presenter, amongst other things.

It turned out that it wasn’t David Attenborough at all, and it was a wrong number.

Then, another call came in, which was David Attenborough. He started to ask me his question, when an almighty commotion obliterated all the sound from the receiver, and I couldn’t make out a word he was saying.

The commotion turned out to be my radio alarm. It was 5:15, and I had a few snoozes before getting up.

I was just dozing off, when the alarm went off again. I turned over.

I was just about to get back into the dream, something I rarely ever…

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